Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Batman Arkham Asylum - one of the best Fighting Game To Play

Batman Arkham Asylum it is great fighting game to play, masterpiece with a deep atmosphere, grandiose and grotesque comic style from DC.
The game combines the features of action and stealth.

In the battle system is used FreeFlow, which allows you to fight multiple enemies simultaneously, while carrying out spectacular combos.
There is also a large number of gadgets from several species betarangi to "cat" which are widely used in gameplay.
Despite its linearity, the game has several ways of passage.

From a just a fighting game to play to stealth target persuade.
However, at high levels of secrecy welcome, while the tactic of "going on a break" will not lead to victory.
Also AI simulation is very good made.

Left alone, the enemies, shooting past running from place to place in panic, hoping to escape.
Contribute to an atmosphere audiodairy, scattered at all levels, and Easter eggs.

Alone among all the transmission cost levels, where the protagonist falls into the realm of illusion, caused by a toxin bogey.
The transition does not advertised, it can be seen on the external changes. In one of these worlds is under the control of the player is given a young Batman, in the other, can hardly walk for the Joker.

These worlds differ from standard conditions, which makes a variety and interesting to this great job in fighting games top play.

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  1. Thank you for advise! An excellent fighting game! nice to see anything on PC. Well, no, it's certainly not the best, and the characters are not the darkness ... But full-fledged fighting game on the PC, with the atmosphere)